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We Use Appian's Low-Code Software to Build Enterprise Applications by Identifying High-Value Opportunities That Can Solve Your Business Challenges

We thrive on simplifying complex infrastructures to maximize your company's resources. When you create apps with CST, you should expect faster application builds, reduced maintenance costs and gain superior functionality compared to traditional developments.

Design, execute, manage, and optimize complex processes with industry-leading Business Process Management.
Business Process Management
Automate routine tasks in a workflow and integrate systems without APIs.
Low-Code Data
Make your applications work smarter with integrated AI from Google, AWS, and Azure.
Artificial Intelligence
IDP is a pre-built solution that automates the data extraction process from forms very quickly. It converts unstructured data locked in documents to structured data. To perform this task, Appian uses the two advanced technologies – machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Intelligent Document Processing
Boost productivity by automating routine tasks in an integrated workflow with Appian low-code RPA or third-party RPA. Easily integrate legacy systems.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
* Salesforce, Dynamics
* AWS, Google, and Microsoft
* SAP and Oracle
* Google Drive, SharePoint and DropBox
* Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere
Large Ecosystem of Zero-Code Integrations
Decision tables make it easy to write and visualize business rules. Traditional development would require hundreds of lines of code. Building a decision in Appian requires no coding whatsoever.
Decision Rules
Resolve cases faster by automating collaborative work and exceptional handling with our best-in-class capabilities.
Case Management
* Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2
* MariaDB, MSFT SQL Server
* PostegreSQL
* Open API
Industry-Standard Connectors
Customer Choice for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. (As of December 31, 2021, Appian had the highest number of reviews within Gartner Peer Insights for the LCAP market: 141 reviews with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5).
Gartner's Peer Insights (2021)
Customer Choice for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms: Appian is the ONLY vendor to receive the "Customer's Choice" distinction, and the ONLY vendor to receive the distinction across the four categories for: Large Enterprise ($1-$10B), Midsize Enterprise ($50M-$1B), North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
Gartner's Peer Insights (2022)


Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions: Start with the Tech You Have

Financial services institutions are playing the long game in working toward digital transformation. Considering the rapid rate of change and innovation over just the last 10 years, leading financial organizations are realizing that digital transformation isn’t a destination. It’s a journey.

October 27, 2022
Marianne Elie
Financial Services Industry

Appian: 4 Strategic Manufacturing Process Improvements to Reduce Costs

Manufacturing companies face complex challenges in a competitive landscape. To meet these enormous challenges, manufacturers have long invested in continuous improvement methodologies like lean manufacturing. Also, increasing numbers of manufacturers are adapting and investing in Industry 4.0 technologies to tame the complexity by increasing automation, adopting smart machines, and enhancing smart factories.

October 25, 2022
Gary Cassell
Manufacturing and Automotive

We’re All ESG Companies Now. Here’s What to Do About It.

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) has been gaining steam for years now. As climate change effects grow both more perilous and pressing, governments and regulators have taken increasingly stringent measures to address the crisis and attempt to rein in emissions. Consumers have also become more conscious over the organizations they do business with, not only around environmental issues but also with respect to social responsibility and human rights issues.

October 20, 2022
Meryl Gibbs

Fortinet Named a Leader in the 2022 Forrester Wave™ for Enterprise Firewalls

FortiGate Next-generation Firewalls serve as the foundation of a converged security and networking platform and we are committed to continuously innovating our NGFW solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We believe this approach to continuous innovation is a factor in why Fortinet received the highest possible scores in 11 criteria across Forrester’s report.

October 27, 2022
Pat Vitalone

5 Ransomware Protection Strategies for 2023

If the growth of ransomware attacks in 2022 indicates what the future holds, security teams everywhere should expect to see this attack vector become even more popular in 2023. In just the first half of 2022, the number of new ransomware variants we identified increased by nearly 100% compared to the previous six-month period

October 25, 2022
Aamir Lakhani
Ransomware Protection

Fortinet and Linksys Enable Secure Remote Learning for U.S. School Districts and Libraries

According to the fourth annual report on The State of K-12 Cybersecurity released in March 2022 by nonprofit K12 Security Information Exchange, a total of 166 school incidents affected schools in 162 school districts across 38 states in 2021. As schools try to close homework gaps by offering internet access for the students who do not have it at home, they also face a need to ensure that connectivity is secure and safe for kids.

October 24, 2022
Bob Turner
Security for School Districts

Security check-up: How Cullman Regional Medical Center uses Darktrace to secure its patient data

The consequences of cyber-attacks in medicine can be devastating. Lost or stolen medical records can damage a hospital’s reputation and cost millions of dollars. According to a Ponemon Institute study, the financial cost of a data breach in the healthcare sector can cost two to three times more than a breach in any other industry.  

October 27, 2022
Sean Simpson
Medical Industry Security

Cloud Computing Is Not New | Why Secure It Now?

Cloud computing has seen multiple iterations since its inception in the 1960s and has empowered modern day enterprises, becoming integral to operations and how solutions are delivered. While the development of cloud computing spanned the last sixty odd years, at what point in time did businesses start factoring in its security?

October 27, 2022
Cloud Computing

CrowdStrike Falcon Platform Achieves 100% Ransomware Prevention with Zero False Positives

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform achieved 100% protection accuracy and 100% legitimacy accuracy with zero false positives, winning SE Labs’ first-ever endpoint detection and response (EDR) ransomware detection and protection test

October 25, 2022
 Joel Spurlock & Joe Faulhaber
Endpoint & Cloud Security

Next-Gen Solutions That Achieve Your Organizational Goals

CST takes a strong approach in providing new products and innovation with how the new world processes information.

We create, capture, and calculate to deliver compelling solutions in order to accelerate your business impacts.

Software Development

The world needs more applications, more innovation, and you also need to move faster for your enterprise needs. Using low-code is the new way to program in order to accelerate your business by discovering, designing, and automating your most important processes.

Software Development


CST takes pride in protecting the integrity of your enterprise network from unauthorized users by implementing various security measures.


CST is a managed service provider built to take on day-to-day responsibilities, monitoring, and maintenance needs for a wide range of tasks and functions for our customers.

Unified Communication

CST provides modern businesses with the flexibility, mobility, and scalability they need to create collaborative workplace cultures, streamline operations, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience                 

Network Systems

Install and maintain multi-platform networking computer environments, a variety of data networks, and a diverse set of telecommunication infrastructures.

Professional Services

Managed Services and Consulting Services with IT strategies, regulatory and compliance solutions, IT risk management and controls, sourcing advice, and cost optimization.

Physical Infrastructure

Ensure only authorized people are able to enter your building. Add an additional layer of security and protection for your employees, information, and assets. CST also accommodates business needs for organizations when it comes to building network infrastructures.

Partners and Customers

Strong customer partnerships are a key component to building a successful company. It’s more important than ever to be able to virtually connect and share information with customers and partners.

With the right community in place, you can break down communication barriers between your team, customers, partners, and subcontractors to gain deeper, real-time visibility into projects for a more unified service experience.