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Low-Code Software Development

CST builds tailored enterprise applications using Appian's Low-code Platform because they help give our clients exactly what they want - the best value for the best solutions.

Instead of customizing existing applications, CST can build them from scratch using low-code tools, giving enterprises better, more customized applications at less cost.

When it comes to CST professional services for Low-Code development, we add validity for our clients that provide benefits which can change your entire enterprise.

We can digitally transform companies more quickly and effectively, make your organization more competitive, reduce costs within your business, boost your company's capacity and much more.

For Your Enterprise CST Provides the Best Low-Code Development Platform in the Industry

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Tailored Advice to Help You Scale Faster

CST uses Low-code development to rapidly design enterprise ready apps and build beautiful UIs that can integrate all your technologies, data, and your employees into a single workflow to accelerate business results.

Low-code tools help develop enterprises so they can digitally transform more quickly and more effectively. Companies don’t want to engage with digital transformation projects that take three to five years. They want to see results much more quickly, and Appian low-code tools can help deliver that.

Appian's Low-code software development with CST lets your business build cloud-based applications quickly while being very versatile and flexible. It allows us to show our clients the work as its being developed so we can make changes to your response quickly. That way your business gets the exact features that you need, and we don’t have to spend extra time delivering it to you.

CST can impact your enterprise by using Appian's Low-code software with the following benefits:

      1). Build Once, Run Anywhere: (Dramatically reduce development time by designing apps once and deploying them natively across all devices)

  • Prebuilt UI's - CST can please the end users by leveraging a large library of Multi-experience UI frameworks and templates.
  • Work Across Digital Touchpoints - Empower your users to seamlessly work across desktop, laptop, mobile or any digital touchpoint.
  • Orchestrate the Internet of Things (IoT) - Use our robust integration to connect your IoT devices to critical business applications.
  • Easily Brand User Experiences - Manage and apply branding in no time with UI frameworks that ensure a consistent look and feel across your organization’s apps.


        2). Build Applications Fast:

  • Complete Automation - Seamlessly orchestrate people, systems, data, bots and artificial intelligence in a single workflow with automation capabilities that include RPA, IDP and more.
  • Incorporate Decision Rules - Incorporate complex business rules based on Decision Model and Notation standard.
  • Visual Process Models - Create apps and workflows that incorporate complex business rules and data which integrates with other systems.
  • Engaging Interfaces - Build beautiful, intuitive interfaces users will love using that are simple with visual drag and drop design tools.


        3). Integrate Data Seamlessly:

  • No Code/Low-Code Integrations - Quickly connect systems with no-code integrations and pre-built industry standard connectors for data base management systems, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, AI, RPA, Open API web services, and more.
  • No Data Migration - Use, control, and keep your data updated across all original sources, while leaving all of your data in one place.
  • Merge Data - Eliminate data silos and view your data in a single, customizable and actionable interface.

        4). Scale with Confidence:

  • A+ Security Rating - Maintain your data and applications safely with Appian's industry leading security.
  • Global Coverage - Keep your data local. Appian Cloud is available in 20 regions and 56 availability zones.
  • No Downtime - Run your critical applications 24x7 with best-in-class high-availability of 99.99% and a 1 minute Recovery Point Objective.
  • One-Click Deployment - Automate the software development lifecycle with continuous delivery and continuous integration.
  • Design Guidance - Build better applications guided by real-time alerts on best practices. Monitor the performance and resource usage of all of your applications with Health Check.

CST is the Smart Choice for Enterprises Looking to Use Low-Code Automation Software

At CST we focus on your business objectives and challenges so we can match them with Appian's core capabilities. We conduct a customer discovery so we have a good understanding of your business needs and pain points. When you team up with CST, we thrive on identify great use cases for your business when it comes to integrating Appian's Low-Code Automation Software.

  • Strategically Compelling: CST investigates if the use case is recognized as helping the organizational needs. Does it address a rapidly evolving need? If your organization does recognize and accept the need for the internal transformation, CST then understands what needs to be done to provide a solution for that specific need.
  • Unified User Experience: CST brings together data and composes the data from multiple different systems (current systems and legacy systems). A unified view reduces/removes the need for the end user from going to multiple different systems to form a mental view of something that you are trying to understand. Appian can surface all of that under one UI.
  • Complex Workflow Management: CST can manage very complex workflows that require routing between groups (employees) and departments (where the data needs to be transferred and not be lost). Secure your organizations data with multiple layers of access configurations. Different types of users need different permissions to access data and should not see the same things within the application (levels of restrictions, hide irrelevant data accordingly for your employees in all the different departments).

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

CST Low-Code professional services ensure you get the most from your Appian investment. Our CST team of experts will provide tailored guidance at every step of your journey. We create a plan to rapidly achieve your outcomes, take advantage of the latest platform capabilities, optimize your solution design, proactively measure progress, reduce risks, and improve end user adoption.

Our CST team will meet with you regularly to plan and then execute on your needs. Our dedicated team includes a Project Manager who understands your unique implementation needs and a team of Appian experts with specialized experience in Appian design, performance, AI, UX and many other disciplines.

What are some benefits of using CST Corp. with Appian's Low-Code software platform!?

  1. Define the right low-code operating model for your organization.
  2. Maximize stability of the platform and optimize for scale.
  3. Minimize risk and maximize the quality of your Appian implementations.
  4. Adopting the latest features to get the most from the platform.
  5. Specialized advisory engagements to improve your Appian practice and solve a variety of challenges, including platform optimization, innovation, DevOps, and delivery assurance.
  6. Proactive, recurring sessions to assess the progress of your success plan, track adoption, and minimize risks.

Turn Ideas Into Applications Faster

CST Appian certified team builds and delivers high-impact enterprise applications. Our dedicated experts provide an end-to-end fulfillment for your business projects which creates the foundation for long term success. Our team at CST ensures your business goals are realized and become successful.

CST time to value is the fastest among all vendors and requires fewer resources to evaluate your bottlenecks that will be designed with agility at its core. Increased reusability, ensured scalability and increased uptime is what you should expect when building applications with CST. Our experts at CST will collaborate with you to create critical feedback to ensure we're building exactly what you're needing.

Enterprises have a higher need in the 21st century when it comes to requesting for new, transformational software applications which is becoming more mainstream. It's our commitment that you will realize the incredible productivity and impact with Appian's Low-Code software when building tailored applications.

CST is quick and efficient when it comes to building applications:

A focused 8-week delivery period for your first application

• Clearly-documented guidelines to ensure successful delivery

• A talented team driving a rapid path to project success

• Full use of Appian standard features

• Collaborative application design through agile methodology

• Project implementation and deployment best practices

Prior to your enterprise project kickoff, our team at CST will work with you to identify any prep work that must be completed in order to build a foundation. Then we turn your ideas into high-impact applications for your business. Our framework is composed of simplistic phases, incorporating proven agile techniques combined with our expertise in low-code development to ensure your applications deliver maximum value.

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