Intrusion Prevention System

When it comes to the security of your organization’s networks, data and data protection systems, you must not overlook the services that detect and prevent intrusions.

When a intrusion prevention system detects a break-in, it moves to block traffic and prevent it from reaching its destination.

It is a network security application that focuses on detecting possible malicious activity, logging and reporting information to prevent it. An IPS works in tandem with other security solutions, and it can identify threats that those other solutions can’t.

Intrusion Prevention System

FortiGuard IPS Security Services Identify & Block

Fortinet gives you a cohesive security infrastructure that fully integrates actionable threat intelligence and automates real-time advanced threat protection across your threat surface. Fortinet native support of advanced threat protection in the public cloud sets us apart from other sandbox vendors.

IPS is a critical component of network security to protect against new and existing vulnerabilities on devices and servers. To stop sophisticated threats and provide a superior user experience, IPS technologies must inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic.

FortiGuard IPS security service protects against known threats that can offer the following:

  • Network-based virtual patching for enterprise applications. This ensures protection against vulnerabilities without interrupting operations.
  • Build productivity with features that unify communications that help workers spend less time chasing people, and more time being productive.
  • Enable mobility with software that incorporate unified mobility capabilities so that mobile workers can remain productive wherever they are.
  • Improve your collaborations with just one click; start an IM session, initiate a phone call, and establish a videoconferencing call more easily.

FortiGuard offers a comprehensive security-driven Networking platform that delivers top rated NGFW security to your enterprise. It's built to achieve superior security efficacy and provide the industry’s best IPS performance.

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Palo Alto Wildfire Prevents & Detects

The WildFire Analysis Environment identifies previously unknown malware and generates signatures that Palo Alto Network firewalls can use to detect and block the malware. When a Palo Alto Network firewall detects an unknown sample (a file or a link included in an email), the firewall can automatically forward the sample to the WildFire analysis.

The cloud-delivered WildFire malware uses data and threat intelligence to apply advanced analysis to automatically identify unknown threats and stop attackers in their tracks. The benefits of Wildfire provides unique threat prevention capabilities that allow it to protect your network:

  • Next Generation Firewall: Award-winning network security providing complete visibility and precise policy control.
  • Security subscriptions: Comprehensive security that's natively integrated with our Next-Generation Firewalls.
  • Malware Scanning: Access advanced file analysis capabilities to secure your applications.

The Wildfire advantage provides custom integrations for malware analysis capabilities giving your security consistency. Wildfire uses ML to block sophisticated attacks across multiple stages. Wildfire's cloud-based architecture delivers measures to learn in seconds to protect your network, endpoints, and cloud environments.

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TippingPoint Real-Time Detection & Remediation

The TippingPoint Threat Protection System is part of Trend Micro Network Defense. It’s powered by XGen security, a blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques that deliver faster time to protection against known, unknown, and undisclosed threats. It combines application-level security with user awareness and inbound/outbound messaging inspection capabilities, to protect the user's applications, network, and data from threats.

TippingPoints Key Features:

  • Virtual Patching: providing a powerful and scalable frontline defense mechanism that protects networks from known threats relying on filters to provide an effective barrier from all attempts.
  • Centralized Management: Security Management System (SMS) delivers a unified policy with a graphical user interface that provides a mechanism for monitoring operational information, editing and deploying network security policies, and configurations across the entire infrastructure whether its physical or virtual.
  • On-box SSL Inspection: reduces security blind spots created by encrypted traffic with on-box SSL inspections.
  • Performance Scalability: Data centers and cloud environments requires security solutions that can scale as network demands increase. TippingPoint delivers security and performance for high-capacity networks with a scalable deployment model.
  • Real-time Machine Learning: TippingPoint uses statistical models developed with machine learning techniques to deliver the ability to detect and mitigate threats in real time.
  • Advanced Threat Analysis: Extend protection from unknown threats through integration with Deep Discovery Analyzer. Forward potential threats to an automated sandbox analysis, and then remediates in real time upon confirmation of malicious content.
  • Flexible Licensing Model: Easily scale performance and security requirements with pay-as-you-grow approach and flexible licenses that can be reassigned across different TippingPoint deployments without changing your network infrastructure.

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Cisco IPS Provides Secure Resilience

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System provides a distinctive threat-focused security service. It provides comprehensive protection from known and advanced threats, including protection against targeted and persistent malware attacks. Cisco helps find the best secure IPS for your business whether virtual or on-premises.

With cyberattacks growing, your enterprise Network Security needs visibility and intelligence to cover all the threats that can encompass your infrastructure. With Cisco IPS, you can secure your operations with the following beneficial factors:

  • Resilience: deploy Cisco IPS at the perimeter, at the data center distribution/core, or behind the firewall to protect mission critical assets, guest access, and WAN connections.
  • Competence: Bring security effectiveness to every Cisco security product with new policy rules.
  • Integration: Enable and manage several security applications from a single pane. Navigate between your secure IPS, firewall and endpoints to effectively secure your data through Cisco Threat Intelligence.
  • Clarity: See more contextual data from your network and fine-tune your security with your business applications.

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