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Routing and Switching

When it comes to technology, innovation is critical for remaining relevant. Recent innovations regarding virtual routing and switching have made it easier than ever to migrate to the cloud and support ongoing operations.

Routers are used to tie multiple networks together, such as connecting your internal company network to the internet and is responsible for dictating which devices on your internal network are able to access the internet.

Switches act like routers on a smaller scale and are used to connect multiple devices on the same network. Switches connect user devices as well as printers, servers, and any IoT devices, creating a shared network of resources and determining how resources are allocated. Switches play a critical role, and their ability to direct internal traffic increases network productivity.

Routers & Switches are Two Vital Functions for Your Enterprise Network

Routing and Switching

Powering Up Your Network

Cisco's switch connects multiple devices to create a network, a router connects multiple switches, and their respective networks, to form an even larger network. These networks may be in a single location or across multiple locations.

The switch on your Network needs to evolve in order to meet new demands. The Router on your Network needs to seamlessly and securely connect applications across your cloud, data center, and edge locations.

Switches - Let Cisco's Switch provide your enterprise with top-notch experience that sharpens your edge over the competition. Cisco has a Switch for every Network:

  • Access: Modular switches for enterprise-class midsize and large campus access networks. Fixed stackable switches for enterprise-class access deployments for small branches and midsize campuses. Cloud-managed switching for the aggregation layer, simplifying management and reducing complexity.
  • Core and Distribution: Fixed switches for enterprise-class midsize and large campus-core networks. Modular switches for enterprise-class midsize and large campus-core networks. Cloud-managed switching for the aggregation layer, simplifying management and reducing complexity
  • Data Center and Cloud: Cloud-scale data center switches that are built for cloud connectivity and flexible design. Ultra-low-latency platforms, switches, and components built for field-programmable gate array (FPGA) programming. Storage area networking solutions built for optimized cloud, application, and big-data performance.
  • Industrial Ethernet: High-performance rack-mount switches for dense fiber connectivity and stringent networking needs. Delivering resilient and scalable aggregation for industrial environments. All GE, modular, DIN-rail-mounted, with PoE and edge compute for scalable, secure industrial networking.
  • Small Business and LAN Compact: Building blocks for small business networks, with intuitive dashboard, advanced features, and pervasive security. Optimized for smart buildings and fiber-to-the-office (FTTO) networks while offering enterprise-class security, management, and reliability. Low power consumption, quiet acoustic design, and shallow rack depth options, enabling deployment flexibility in wiring closets as well as in offices and classrooms.

Routers - Cisco routing provides intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. Cisco Network routers include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a complete and proven solution:

  • Branch: Gain highly secure connectivity, machine learning, and cloud-managed security.
  • WAN Aggregation: Transform your service provider or enterprise network edge for the digital era.
  • Service Provider: Address today's needs and scale for future ones with strong ROI.
  • Industrial: Deliver enterprise-class features in rugged and harsh environments.

Security across the WAN with on-demand Network services transforming the customer experience. Increase productivity by using real time analytics, visibility, and control to optimize cloud and on-premises application performance.

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Security, Performance, & Manageability

Fortinet takes a security driven approach offering Ethernet as an extension of the security infrastructure through FortiSwitch and FortiLink. Features such as NAC are included with no additional licensing. FortiSwitch offers a broad portfolio of secure, simple, and scalable Ethernet switches ideal for Secure SD-Branch and applications ranging from desktop to data center.

Fortinet's FortiSwitch family of switches delivers outstanding price, performance, and scalability to organizations with diverse operational needs. The FortiSwitch platforms are purpose-built to meet the Ethernet infrastructure and provisioning needs of today's network edge. You can scale up your operation performance with ease of use and low cost of ownership to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications from small offices to large datacenters.

Tightly integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiSwitch can be managed directly from the familiar FortiGate interface. This single-pane-of-glass management provides complete visibility and control of users and devices on the network. This makes the FortiSwitch ideal for SD-Branch and campus deployments with applications that range from desktop to data center aggregation, enabling businesses to converge their security and network access.

FortiSwitch Highlights: (Entry, Mid-Rang, Premium, and Aggregation)

  • Supports wire-speed switching and store and forward forwarding mode
  • Stackable up to 300 switches per FortiGate, depending on model
  • Up to 48 ports in a compact 1 RU form factor
  • Supports non-FortiLink deployments through onboard GUI, API, or command line configuration
  • Optimal for converged network environments; enabling voice, data, and wireless traffic to be delivered across a single network
  • Centralized security and access management from FortiGate interfaces with FortiLink
  • Ideal for SD-Branch deployments
  • Designed for installations from desktops to wiring closets

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Aruba is A Network Creation Solution

Simplify network design, management, and ongoing IT operations with modern, cloud-native architecture and switching platforms. Aruba's switch software simplifies network operations by delivering automation, distributed analytics, security, and high availability to campus, branch, and data center networks.

Aruba Switches give users a way to control their networks from a centralized location. The simplified control center can be accessed through both the cloud and on-premises devices. You will be able to both analyze and control every device and client in the network while at the same time conserving resources for the areas of greatest concern.

Troubleshoot and upgrade your networks quickly and efficiently, Aruba Switches give users network visibility in real-time. It combines this with powerful analytics software that allow for the prediction, prevention, and resolution of issues. This allows administrators to act before their systems suffer serious harm, along with allowing systems to maintain a high level of performance even during upgrading.

Aruba Switches gives users the ability to set their systems to automatically reconfigure when changes are necessary. Users are empowered to ensure their systems run smoothly without worrying that parts of their network are out of sync, reserving manpower and time for more pressing needs.

Key features and benefits that can unlock your business potential:

  • Security Guard: Built-in security features protect your network from external threats by blocking malware attacks and keeping unauthorized users off the network.
  • Staying Connected: Experience reliability over long distances by leveraging fiber connectivity with SFP/SFP+ ports, and none PoE models, ensuring high performance while eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Manage Your Network From Anywhere: The cloud-hosted web interface and mobile app make it easy to remotely manage multiple sites and networks, distributed deployments, and multi-tenant deployments.
  • Flexible High Performance Options: Ensuring high performance and eliminating traffic bottlenecks across the network
  • Cloud-Native and Fully Programmable: Operating system is built to automate and simplify IT operations.
  • Simplicity Through A Single Operating System: From edge access to core, Aruba switching software was built to connect, protect, and simplify enterprise networks.
  • Accelerated Troubleshooting: Network Analytics Engine (NAE) integrates and analyzes any event that impacts a networks health.
  • Simplified IT Operations: Consistent operator experience, simplified network design, and unified management.
  • Automated and Unified Policy Enforcement: Automation to enforce consistent policies for users and IoT across wired or Wi-Fi Networks.
  • Amazing Performance: Resilient, highly available access layer that prevents bottlenecks.

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Failover Routers From Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint mobile routers are designed for the rigors of in-vehicle networking. Built with best-in-class LTE and 5G for public transit, powered by software-defined modem technology, and engineered for in-vehicle deployments, your network will always be up and running.

Cradlepoint also provides Virtual Routers (CVR) for cloud-based VPN designed for small to mid-sized businesses running or migrating services to the cloud. A CVR is easily provisioned via Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager (NCM) to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then configured. It supports Cradlepoint Auto VPN, IPSec tunnels, or DMVPN to connect Cradlepoint edge devices, or it can act as the NetCloud Perimeter gateway.

This solution is ideal for organizations using Cradlepoint products in their branches or vehicles and allows easily created secure connections from those locations to the cloud. Using CVR with the one-touch Auto VPN feature simplifies the creation and maintenance of VPN tunnels and allows access to the powerful session persistence and traffic steering capabilities available with Cradlepoint edge services.

Features for CVR cloud-based VPN designed for small to mid-sized businesses:

  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Cost-effective operation via Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Uniform cloud management for virtual and physical routers in NetCloud
  • Supports Cradlepoint Auto VPN, IPSec tunnels, or DMVPM to connect Cradlepoint edge devices
  • VPN throughput of 250 Mbps

Network Failover Solutions: Network failover solutions such as LTE and 5G adapters provide diverse secondary networks. It’s the best way to maintain access to the data and tools that drive efficiency on a daily basis.

  • Seamless Failover - Back up your primary edge router with LTE adapters for immediate network failover. Along with monitoring and controlling all of these edge endpoints centrally through a remote management platform.
  • In-and-Out Band Management - Troubleshoot connectivity and diagnose other IT issues remotely through Out-and-In band management control of devices on the LAN.
  • Cradlepoint Success - T-Mobile used Cradlepoint failover solution to support constant uptime in more than 5,000 storefronts.

Cradlepoint's Networking for all types of locations:

  • Hybrid WAN
  • LTE Failover
  • Out-of band & In-of band Management
  • Day-1 Connectivity
  • Pop-Up Networks
  • IoT Connections
  • Guest Wireless
  • and More

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Cisco Meraki offers a broad range of switches, built from the ground up to be easy to manage without compromising any of the power and flexibility traditionally found in traditional enterprise-class switches.

One major difference between a Meraki switch and most other switches is the cloud management aspect. Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can easily configure, manage, and troubleshoot switches from a simple portal. The ease in which the switch can be setup and maintained means it fits in perfectly with the ethos of simplicity that Merakiives by and bases their products on.

Meraki access & aggregation switches are all managed through an elegant, intuitive cloud interface, freeing administrators to spend less time on configuration and more time on meeting business needs. A powerful centralized management interface gives administrators deep visibility into the network and how it is used. Your able to see which switches are near capacity across hundreds of sites. Quickly provision and reconfigure switch ports with security, QoS, and more. The Meraki dashboard provides unified policies, event logs, and monitoring, making it easy to manage network deployments without sacrifice.

The management aspect of Meraki switches plays a large role in the overall appeal of the products. The following are some of the key management aspects of Meraki switches:

  • Centralized Management: Administrators of the switch are granted access to a Meraki’s management interface, a cloud-based dashboard. This can be accessed from a web browser anywhere across the globe.
  • Event Logs and Alerts: Every Meraki switch is automatically and closely monitored from the cloud. This monitoring includes constant testing for cable failures, WAN connectivity and more.
  • L7 Application Visibility: Meraki MS offers astounding application visibility with packet inspection engine running custom parsers on each switch providing this information using fingerprinting technology and pinpointing specific applications and application groups.
  • Virtual Stacking: Provides the centralized management for up to 10,000 switch ports. Virtual Stacking eradicates the need for them to be anywhere near each other. One could be in the US while the other in another country, but they would still be stacked. This hugely simplifies large scale and distributed environments.
  • Automatic Software Updates: Meraki is constantly upgrading and improving their software which they roll out to you as part of automatic updates. Therefore, your switch and management dashboard will continue to get better as time goes on.

Below are just a few of the Remote Monitoring tools available to you as an administrator of a Meraki switch:

  • Role-Based Administration: Easy-to-use role-based administration
  • Monitoring and Alerts: You will receive fast and accurate alerts for both switch and port level changes and events as your network is constantly monitored.
  • Cable Testing: Proactive and on demand cable testing tools allow for you to be aware of a cable problems.
  • Detailed Client Device Views: Detailed view per client device including port, VLAN, device fingerprinting and connectivity data.
  • Automatic Email Alerts: If email alerts are enabled, you will receive automatic alerts via email when device or port changes occur.

Meraki Product Highlights:

  • StackPower, Improved physical stacking, and multiGig options on select models
  • Role-based administration and automatic secure firmware updates delivered via the web
  • Industry-standard features allow for simple integration into existing and mixed infrastructures
  • Cloud management reduces cost, overhead and time to resolution
  • Flexible stacking for scaled configuration and high performance in one
  • Energy efficient design with low acoustics and fan-less options
  • True zero-touch configuration model that scales with organization needs and requirements

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