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Technology, with its pace, has really enabled us to enjoy all the benefits of modern advancement in every aspect of our lives. This advancement has dramatically enhanced even the world of security cameras.

The popularity of security cameras have increased in the last decade and due to the advancement of technology, they now come in many shapes and sizes. Security cameras are internet-ready providing a good way of monitoring your daily business.

The importance of an enterprise security system has become more and more undeniable. Digital Security surveillance cameras has eliminated the need for video tapes as a recording medium.

For this reason, more and more enterprises are being equipped with security cameras with the hopes of protecting their business properties.

Physical Security is Important For Every Enterprise, No One Wants to Risk Losing Their Assets

Camera Systems

Axis Develops and Innovates Network Security

Axis is the world leader in producing High Definition IP Network Security Cameras. For over a decade, they have been the driving force behind the transition from CCTV analog security camera systems, to IP Network based security camera systems.

Axis Communications is a manufacturer of Network cameras, access controls, and Network audio devices for the physical security & video surveillance industries:

  • Network Cameras
  • Network Intercoms
  • Access Controls
  • Network Audio
  • Video Recorders and Workstations
  • System Devices
  • Analytics and More

Axis provides a solution for almost every need improving your business security. Axis Communications wide security portfolio of solutions adds value to your specific needs:

  • Solutions by Industry: Axis delivers a broad spectrum of video, audio and access control to industry Networks.
  • Solutions by Application: Axis delivers intelligent solutions for just about every application.
  • End-to-End Solutions: Create a system tailored to your business needs.
  • Solutions by Technology: Axis cutting-edge technologies protect enterprises under various types of circumstances.

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Meraki Keeps You On Top of Your Security Network

Storage and processing on each camera eliminates the complexity of separate storages, servers, and analytics. View video anywhere with nothing to install, and secure access with unique user accounts and data encryption every step of the way. Meraki’s camera selection allows an easier decision for companies deciding to integrate Meraki products into their business security system.

Meraki helps enterprises innovate and build customizable experiences that create a safer environment with smarter security enhancements:

  • Safety & Security: Increase security with video events that can manage your environment with safe and smart autonomous threat detection.
  • Location Analytics: Understand crowd behavior to improve your security experience by monitoring visitor traffic that optimize your business layouts.
  • Smart Building Automation: Increase your business workplace efficiency by automating with plans to allocate a workplace strategy.
  • Cloud-Managed Smart Cameras: Meraki eliminates complexity and brings intelligence to your business security apparatus.
  • Eliminate Blind Spots: Remote system monitoring that constantly discovers so that you never miss any moment.
  • Identify & Investigate Threats: Smart searches with motion alerts that can help your business identify and resolve incidents very quickly.
  • Complete Security Solution: Cameras, sensors, and Network data for complete insight.

Not only can you manage Meraki cameras from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone too. Meraki made businesses realize the ease of use is really the key to having a smooth network flow.

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FortiCamera Solves Your Video Surveillance Needs

FortiCamera delivers crisp, high-resolution HDTV-quality video. Seamlessly integrated with FortiRecorder network video recorder (NVR), and FortiCentral video management software so you have the comprehensive video surveillance to protect your employees, assets, and properties.

Fortinet Surveillance Security provides options for indoor and outdoor, vandal-proof, weatherproof, low-light night vision, fixed and motorized zoom lenses, and two-way audio, there is a FortiCamera for every environment. With No software installations, no patches, no per-seat fees, and no per-camera licenses … FortiCamera is easy. Plug in your cameras, turn on the appliance, open up a web browser and you’re off and running.

FortiCamera can benefit your video surveillance Network that can solve your business security needs by streamlining the user experience:

  • Web-based interface with no need for dedicated client.
  • Cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation.
  • An event timeline lets you find and review motion events quickly and easily
  • Alarms and snapshot notifications keep you aware of what’s going on
  • Capture continuously with motion-based recording

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Salient's Video System Empowers Organizations

Salient’s platform empowers organizations to view, record, and manage video data. Built with an open architecture, Complete View VMS is integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and analytics solutions. Whether you're a small business, a large global enterprise, or something in-between, Salient's Video Management Software (VMS) platform brings deployment simplicity and unmatched scalability to support your requirements.

Salient is scalable from a single user or small team to industrial-scale security organizations that are deployed around the world. Their open architecture enables your enterprise to seamlessly leverage technology investments to minimize disruption as the hardware and software infrastructure changes over time.

Find an easy way to deploy, manage, and grow your business video surveillance operations with Salient:

  • Software Platform: Next-generation video management software.
  1. Interactive Mapping, plot and view cameras on satellite-based GPS maps or custom images such as building floorplans and associate maps with visual alerts.
  2. Custom Tabs, create tabs from individual cameras and view layouts, just like web browser tabs.
  3. Free Web and Mobile Clients, consistent web and mobile experience at no extra cost, with no additional servers to access live and recorded video.
  4. QuickTrack, find, review, and export the entire incident as one event by easily capturing live video across multiple cameras.
  5. Density and Bandwidth, with multi-streaming and dynamic resolution scaling, effectively utilize bandwidth, compute, and storage resources to minimize network and hardware costs.
  • Hardware Appliances: Salient's PowerProtect Platform extends the limits of operational capabilities for video surveillance systems.
  1. Entry Level: smaller form factors, lighter weight yet with powerful processing capabilities that are engineered for the rigors of video surveillance applications. From a single site to distributed locations, these units allow for low cost with efficient security monitoring where available space may be at a premium.
  2. Mid-Level: Salient’s Pro and Pro-R rack mountable systems are ideal for mid-sized security installations. their fully integrated and certified solution delivers the reliability and processing power for businesses who require mission critical video surveillance.
  3. Enterprise Level: Salient provides the whole picture with the power to secure the largest, most complex deployments. Tailor your enterprise video requirements with high performance CPU power, high GB memory, hot-plug swappable hard drives and dual hot-plug redundant power supplies.

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