Networks Systems

Network Monitoring and Managment

Nectus Network monitoring provides the information that network administrators need to determine, in real time, whether a network is running optimally.

Network monitoring is a critical IT process to discover, map, and monitor computer networks and network components, including routers, switches, servers, firewalls, and more.

It helps network administrators determine network performance and optimize network efficiency in real time.

Nectus Provides a Complete Monitoring Solution for Your Infrastructure

Network Monitoring and Management

Nectus Discovers and Monitors

Nectus Network Management Suite is a next-gen Network Management software that automatically generates typologies in seconds. It includes widest set of tools required for successful management of modern Network Infrastructure. It includes advanced Network Discovery, SNMP based monitoring, netflow collection. Contains fully featured Syslog server and SNMP trap processor. Provides interface for pushing configuration changes to routers and switches and ability to track configuration changes.

Nectus is an intuitive network management tool that was created by network engineers for network engineers. With older network management tools users often run into limitations such as:

  • High Complexity
  • Multiple Tools Required to Cover All Needs
  • Lack of Correlation Between Topology & Network Events
  • Lack of Topology Visualization resulting in Longer Troubleshooting

Nectus rectifies these old limitations and provides the following features:

  • Network Discovery & inventory
  • Device & Interface Level Monitoring
  • One Click L2/L3 Topology & path Visualization
  • Cisco SmarNet Reporting & Management
  • Cisco Configuration Backup
  • Browser Based
  • Email & SM Alerts

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Enterprise Network Security Protection

Darktrace is an innovated Cybersecurity firm that was created to satisfy the need for a better and more reliable security service. Founded by government cyber intelligence officials and mathematicians, Darktrace focuses on building a comprehensive software suite that applies the principles and capabilities of AI to Cybersecurity.

A cyber AI platform refers to the embedded AI within a software that works around the clock to identify, isolate and address potential vulnerabilities. While traditional systems relied on the notification and detection of anomalies based on firewall penetration, the cyber AI platform relies on historic and real-time data to make informed decisions about what is actually happening and how to best resolve the matter.

You can't predict the next attack by looking at yesterday's threats. With Darktrace, you can prevent, detect, and respond to threats across the Network based on what's normal to your organization and what's not. Darktrace's Self-Learning AI takes action within seconds to neutralize threats, regardless if you've seen them before. Darktace minimizes business disruption by responding autonomously to attacks against networks.

DarkTrace is much more than a simple software vendor. As a company, it created unique, innovative solutions to help organizations achieve stronger cybersecurity and prevent the spread of threats:

  • Enterprise Immune System: Darktrace's cyber AI platform, unifying real-time threat detection, visualize activities and interventions, investigation capabilities, machine learning, and sel-optimizing controls.
  • Cyber AI Analyst: Combines the experiences of human analysts with AI to promote faster and larger responses. By understanding how people investigate data incidents, the system grows more adaptive, capable of giving users access to the most relevant and needed data upon accessing the system.
  • Autonomous Response: The autonomous response function by calculating the best action to take at the time to both mitigate the infection and prevent its distribution through the network.
  • Threat Visualization: Interactive, intuitive graphic interface that turns the idea of computer-server connections into a color-coded source for investigating and understanding past incidents, current, real-time threats, active deployments, and other network activity.

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