Unified Communication


Change is an essential part of the Vonage DNA. Making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help businesses stay ahead.

Vonage is an all-in-one system that provides voice, text messaging, video conferencing, team collaboration, and more that fully integrates into a single interface.

Vonage also has several built-in fail-safe tools such as cloud backup which minimizes the risk of calls dropping or any data loss.

Vonage offers voice and messaging services for small businesses. These services mean you can easily call colleagues or clients as well as exchange SMS messages via desktop or mobile apps.


Communication Platform As A Service

Vonage brought VoIP to small businesses and large enterprises. Vonage is making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help enterprises stay relevant. They have created one of the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Vonage is a great VoIP network for both private users and small businesses. It offers high quality calls at the lowest rates possible, so you can enjoy seamless communication over the internet whenever and wherever you want.

They're extremely flexible when it comes to capabilities within unified communications, contact centers, and communication APIs. Vonage has straightforward communication products:

  • Communication APIs:
  1. Video: interactive broadcast and video chat embeds
  2. Messaging: SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber
  3. Voice: SIP trucking, programmable SIP, In-App voice, contact center intelligence
  4. Two-Factor Authentication
  • Unified Communications:
  1. Desktop
  2. Admin portal
  3. Business SMS
  4. Vonage Meetings
  5. and More
  • Contact Centers:
  1. Salesforce integration
  2. Microsoft Teams integration
  3. Microsoft Dynamics integration
  4. ServiceNow
  5. Vonage Business Communications
  6. and More
  • Conversational Commerce:
  1. Automated Responses
  2. Multichannel Live Chat
  3. Social CRM
  4. Chatbot Builder
  5. Automated Notifications
  6. Commerce Engine

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Industry Solutions From Vonage

  • Healthcare Solutions: Vonage connects medical experts with patients to deliver vital healthcare experiences in real-time, from anywhere and on any device.
  • Education Solutions: From video lectures to virtual classrooms to mobile tutoring, Vonage’s cloud-based communications help digital education platforms, learning institutions, and teachers meet the challenges of remote learning
  • Retail & Ecommerce Solutions: Vonage’s cloud-based communications help retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience in real time—on any device—using voice, SMS, chat, video, and social media.
  • Finance Solutions: Unified communications, contact centers, and APIs work in harmony to offer a security-focused, real-time customer experience on any device, through any channel
  • Transportation and Logistics Solutions: Transportation and logistics customers need real-time updates from carrier services, on any device., Vonage helps provide the full extent of channels that you need to be successful.
  • Manufacturing Solutions: You normally can’t email your frontline workers at their desks, because they don’t have one. Though, with Vonage their unified communications, contact centers, and APIs, provide a better way to communicate both internally and externally.
  • Public Sector Solutions: When your employees and teams work better together, they can better serve your neighbors, friends, and citizens

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