Endpoint Protection

It's important to cover all the fields of cybersecurity to stay well protected. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, changing what they target, how they affect organizations, and their methods of attack on different security systems.

Intelligent security solutions should be implemented in keeping customer data protected while embracing new technologies.

Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization. Workplaces must include cybersecurity awareness to educate staff about common cyber threats like social engineering scams, phishing, ransomware attacks, and other malware designed to steal intellectual property or personal data.

Endpoint Protection

SentinelOne Offers Incredible Solutions and Features

SentinelOne's mission is to defeat every attack, every second, of every day. Their Singularity Platform instantly defends against cyberattacks performing at a faster speed, greater scale, and higher accuracy. In order to protect your business assets, you need comprehensive security measures that provide edge-to-edge protection for assets within your IT infrastructure:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Detect threats at early stages
  • Machine learning and AI-backed threat analysis
  • Ransomware protection
  • Antivirus update and replacement
  • Threat hunting, privacy protection, and more

SentinelOne has all the features you need to discover vulnerabilities to protect your IT operations:

  • Vigilance Response: SentinelOne’s global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Vigilance Respond engages in-house experts to review, act upon, and document every identified threat that puts your network and reputation at risk.
  • WatchTower: extends your visibility and actionability to unidentified attacker techniques, global advance persistent threat campaigns, and cross-platform threat hunting. WatchTower delivers you relevant and timely insights without adding unneeded noise.
  • SentinelOne GO: Ensures proper setup and tuning of your SentinelOne products. It also instils best practices around setup, policies, and exclusions so you can confidently manage and maintain your SentinelOne apparatus.
  • Technical Account Management (TAM): Ensures the ongoing evolution of your endpoint security program through a regular cadence of health checks and consultations. Receive ongoing guidance related to deployment, agent upgrades, and best practices.
  • SentinelOne University: Provides you with influence on training options for scheduling, actionable, insightful training for every role and experience level. Blending the best on-demand technology trainings with live student enablement sessions, interactive labs, and responsive support.

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CrowdStrike Advanced EDR Stops Breaches & Powers Productivity

CrowdStrike has redefined security with the world’s most advanced cloud-native platform that protects and enables people, processes and technologies that drive modern enterprise. CrowdStrike secures the most critical areas of your enterprise endpoints and cloud workloads. Keep your business ahead of today’s adversaries and stop breaches:

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox: Allows for controlled malware execution to provide detailed reports of threats that have been seen within your environment in order to gather additional data on threat actors.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight: Offers vulnerability management by leveraging the Falcon Sensor to deliver Microsoft patch information or active vulnerabilities for devices.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Search: Provides ability to query known malware for information to help protect your business environment.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch: Provides around-the-clock managed threat hunting and email notification from the Falcon OverWatch team, alerting within moments of an indicator that there is an emerging threat.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent: Displays entire event timeline surrounding detections in the form of a process tree. This data provides all details and context necessary to fully understand what is happening on the endpoint.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Insight: Records all activities of interest on an endpoint, allowing administrators to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to attacks.

CrowdStrike's Cloud eliminates complexity and simplifies deployment to drive down costs. Their AI can harness the power of big data to empower your business with instant visibility. With CrowdStrike, businesses can benefit from better protection, better performance and immediate time to value.

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VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Platform

VMware Carbon Black combines next-gen antivirus with endpoint detection and response (EDR) creating a beneficial endpoint protection solution against cyberattacks. The platform allows businesses to manage any number of endpoints through a single interface and software agent, providing endpoint security at scale. Carbon Black gives you the endpoint protection you need to disrupt advanced attacks using various products:

  • On-Premise App Control: An application control product that's used to lock down servers and critical systems preventing unwanted changes to ensure continuous compliance with regulatory mandates.
  • On-Premise Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Threat hunting and incident response solution delivering continuous visibility to hybrid deployments for top security operation centers.
  • Cloud Endpoint Standard: mobility with software that has embedded unified mobility capabilities so mobile workers can remain productive wherever they are.
  • Cloud Enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Threat intelligence and custom watchlists to automate repetitive hunts. Monitor every stage of an attack with intuitive attack chain visualizations and uncover advanced threats to minimize live attacks.
  • Cloud Audit and Remediation: With real time device assessments and remediation auditing the state of the system to track and harden the security for all your protected devices. Automate ongoing reporting on patch levels, user privileges, disk encryption status, and more.
  • Cloud Managed Detection: Managing alert monitoring and triage with round-the-clock support from their SOC of expert analysts, providing validation into root causes, and automated monthly executive reporting.

Carbon Black’s endpoint security software is flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of any size business. This includes fulfilling regulatory and compliance requirements for your industry.

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Malwarebytes Elevates You Against Malware

Malwarebytes believes everyone has a fundamental right to a malware-free existence. Their mission is to create the best disinfection and protection solutions to combat the world's most harmful Internet threats. With their minimalistic, easy-to-use antivirus program that provides good protection against malware. Malwarebytes offers solid protection and plenty of features:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Protection for Servers
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • EDR for Servers
  • Incident Response
  • Malware Removal Service and More

Malwarebytes has all of the core security features that you would expect from an antivirus program, including real-time malware protection, ransomware protection, and web protection. If you’re looking for a basic, no unnecessary extra features with an antivirus that offers good malware protection, Malwarebytes is an excellent, low-cost option.

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Trend Micro Provides Malware & Antivirus Software

Trend Micro develops, delivers, and supports customizable internet security solutions. Flexible enough to counter today’s constantly evolving web-based threats. With messaging and web security expertise, Trend Micro offers the most reliable protection against web attacks, data-theft, and more. Trend Micro is one of the best-known antivirus software providers on the market as It offers a range of products for different platforms:

  • Hybrid Cloud Security:

       Workload Security


        Container Security

        Application Security, and More

  • Network Security:

        Intrusion Prevention

        Advanced threated Protection

        Mobile & Industrial Network Security

  • User Protection:

        Industrial Endpoint Security

        Email Security

        Web Security, and More

  • Detection & Response:


        Zero Trust Risk Insights

Trend Micro's goal is maximum threat protection with minimum complexity, thus ensuring: Secure data and reputation, Reduced administrative costs, regulatory compliance, & business continuity, despite rapidly increasing and ever-evolving security threats. Trend Micro is safe, as it uses sophisticated AI technologies to identify and blocks any unusual or suspicious activity. This is how it finds and roots out any malware that may be hidden within a seemingly normal or safe file.

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Endpoint Security Fabric Integration

FortiEDR delivers real-time, automated endpoint protection with orchestrated incident response across any communication device. FortiEDR is the only endpoint security solution built from the ground up to detect advanced threats and stop breaches and ransomware damage in real-time even on an already compromised device, allowing you to respond and remediate incidents automatically to protect data, ensure system uptime, and preserve business continuity.

FortiEDR defends everything from workstations and servers with current and legacy operating systems to POS and manufacturing controllers. Built with native cloud infrastructure, FortiEDR can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, and as a hybrid deployment.

FortiEDR is more than your average advanced endpoint protection, it acts as an integrated agent. with the following benefits:

  • Protection: FortiEDR enables proactive, real-time, automated endpoint protection with orchestrated incident response across platforms. It stops breaches with real time post-infection blocking to protect data from exfiltration and ransomware encryption.
  • Management: FortiEDR delivers a unified and intuitive cloud-managed platform. It closes the loop by automating routine endpoint security tasks to reduce strain on your staff.
  • Scalability: FortiEDR can be deployed quickly and scale up to protect hundreds of thousand endpoints.
  • Flexibility: The cloud management platform can be deployed on-premises, or on a secure cloud. Endpoints are protected both on and off-line through onboard AI.
  • Cost: Eliminate post-breach operational expenses and breach damage to the organization, all for a low, predictable cost.

The following features with FortiEDR, you can have real time endpoint protection, detection, and automated response:

  • Discover and Predict: Discover and control rogue devices (e.g., unprotected or unmanaged devices) and IoT devices. track applications and ratings. Discover and mitigate system and application vulnerabilities with virtual patching
  • Prevent: FortiEDR uses a machine learning anti-malware engine to stop attacks before execution. Allowing users to assign anti-malware protection to any endpoint group without requiring additional installation.
  • Investigate and Hunt: FortiEDR automatically enriches data with detailed information on malware both pre- and post-infection to conduct forensics on infiltrated endpoints.
  • Detect and Defuse: As soon as FortiEDR detects suspicious process flows and behaviors, it immediately defuses the potential threats by blocking outbound communications and access to the file system from those processes if and once requested.
  • Respond and Remediate: Streamline incident response and remediation processes. Manually or automatically roll back malicious changes done by already contained threats on a single device or devices across the environment.

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Self-Learning Endpoint Security

Darktrace provides coverage at every stop from end-to-end. Darktrace Endpoint security deploys lightweight agents that analyze granular, real-time data asking millions of questions to spot and neutralize unusual activity. It can also use existing endpoint solutions to enrich its understanding of your environment.

In most cases, endpoints will be the first site of compromise for an attacker. A point from which they hope to expand through the rest of the digital environment. Darktrace DETECT is the best way to catch them. Comparing thousands of data points with its continually updated understanding of the organization, Darktrace DETECT reveals the attack path being taken and leaves attackers with nowhere to hide.

By asking millions of questions of every activity on every device, Darktrace DETECT/Endpoint can correlate anomalies, and draw out the threats. A deep understanding how you and your device work means that even novel threats and exploits will be spotted rapidly by Darktrace DETECT at every stage.

Darktrace provides the following features for DETECT and RESPOND:

  • Darktrace DETECT/Endpoint:
  1. Self-Learning AI
  2. Detects abnormalities
  3. Analyzes for risk and context
  4. Conducts autonomous investigations at scale
  5. Cyber AI Analyst
  • Darktrace RESPOND/Endpoint:
  1. Self-Learning AI
  2. Autonomous Response
  3. Cyber AI Analyst
  4. Responds to threats autonomously in seconds
  5. Actively integrates with security stack
  6. Supports human intervention in decision making

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