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With Appian’s low-code platform, it gives companies a more agile way to create applications rapidly so you can pivot and adjust to the constant changes being thrown at you. It's essential that any platform grows with success of its implementations.


Appian's At The Fore-Front of Low-Code Software

Appian is the leading provider in low-code intelligent automation software to help businesses operate more efficiently. Appian can help reimage your business by bringing the most value with their low-code environment for developing software. Along with developing applications to improve your business internal matters for increasing your customer experience by achieving operational excellence.

Appian is the only recognized global leader across multiple enterprise technology markets, including low-code application development, digital process automation (DPA), intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), and dynamic case management (DCM).

They provide the fastest and easiest way to transform your business with smarter applications. Appian is the unified platform for change looking to accelerate businesses by discovering, designing, and automating their most important processes. Appian's Low-Code Platform combines the key capabilities needed to get work done faster.

Appian's Process Mining

Appian's Mining simplifies no-code modules with preparation that transforms your data. With pre-built process packages, Appian's Mining Prep removes the single largest friction point, helping you spend more time optimizing and improving processes. Appian's Process Mining provides a view of activities across systems and uses event log data to identify bottlenecks so you can take action and optimize.

With a step-by-step guide to optimize our processes:

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
  5. Monitor

Optimize your processes for peak efficiency:

  • Focus on Insights: With simplified data preparation that provides users automated data transformation with self-service. Faster time to value with pre-built templates and building blocks for standard processes that easily adapt. Also, easily integrate data from multiple systems.
  • Identify Bottlenecks: Visualize process inefficiencies by quickly identifying process bottlenecks to turn inefficiency into opportunity. Diagnose changes in your activity to optimize processes for maximum efficiency. Last, go deep into analysis by creating filters based on case activities, properties, and time for more granular insights.
  • Improve Performance and Results: Uncover underlying issues for excessive throughput times, deviations, and specific process sequences. Out-of-box analytics with a pre-built dashboard providing instant insights. Create purpose-built dashboards for your analysis needs.
  • Continuous Optimization: Create proactive alerts that take immediate action when metric thresholds are exceeded. Automatically detect deviations between target and actual processes. last, predict process behaviors with intelligent machine learning that predicts if and when predefined activities will happen.

Rapidly Design Enterprise Apps

Appian's Low-Code delivers impact that your enterprise is needing in the 21st century:

  • Build fast, powerful and beautiful applications with a visual design tool that empowers your business/IT collaboration.
  • Build once, run anywhere by reducing development time but creating beautiful UIs that look great on all devices and work seamlessly on all operating systems.
  • Integrate data seamlessly - connect and act upon data wherever it resides: cloud services or legacy systems all without any need to migrate data.
  • Scale with confidence, designed to securely and reliably operate in even the most demanding enterprise environments worldwide.

With Appian's Low-Code development you can build apps extremely fast:

  • Productivity and Collaboration Tools
  • Visual Process Models
  • Engaging Interfaces
  • Incorporate Decision rules
  • Complete Automation

You can also scale with confidence by using Appian:

  • One-Click Deployment
  • Deploy Changes Confidently
  • Design Guidance
  • No Downtime
  • Global Coverage
  • A+ Security Rating

Build Bots Fast

With Appian's Low-Code software, you can automate any end-to-end process without ever writing a single line of code:

  1. Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  5. Case Management
  6. Decision Rules

Want to get your work done fast? Well with the right automation tool you can! Appian can help your enterprise automate any complex end-to-end workflow. For the tasks that are repetitive, rule-based, and that involve systems without APIs, Appian RPA is the efficient, scalable, and resilient solutions for you.

Compliance is Baked into Appian

Appian's platform is built to deliver trust so your enterprise can be secure, compliant, and available to continue your competitive innovations without any hesitation. Appian keeps your applications running with advanced business activity monitoring and other governance capabilities. Undergo frequent and regular third-party audits to validate that controls are operating effectively to protect customer data.

Appian Builds Enterprise Grade Applications

Appian allows businesses to develop their enterprise-grade applications with the best features and performance. It’s simple to integrate with other systems too. Instead of expensive complex systems that are time-consuming, Appian lets you connect with systems using API’s. In fact, it already comes with a bunch of custom API’s built-in.

Platforms like Appian bring the most value with their low-code app development environment discovering innovating ways to provide cutting-edge solutions.

                                                Appian Use Case Solutions:

  • Customer Journey: Provide a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint by building unique applications that can enable your business to create a unified customer view across multiple systems, product lines, and channels.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): Enhance your compliance control, policy management effectiveness, and risk management. Appian creates a unified platform for proactive regulatory compliance, while delivering agility and scalability for process GRC requirements.
  • Operational Efficiency: Appian makes it possible to increase work productivity, operational agility, worker satisfaction, and optimize critical business processes.
  • Distributed Order Management: Increase visibility within your inventory and order statuses by connecting to data silos. Streamline order fulfillments and ensure your customer satisfaction.
  • Supply Chain: With Appian, you can build unique applications for your supply chain that extend your current investments and unite emerging technologies.
  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Management: ESG initiatives can become a burden with disparate data sources and manual data entry that create challenges seeing the full picture.

Workforce Safety Solutions

Appian can manage the safety of your workforce with Covid-19. It helps deliver a safe, smooth, and compliant transition from COVID quarantine back to on-site work.

To ensure people are productive and safe in the workplace, organizations will need to consider individual employee health and risk screenings, whether an employee’s role can be efficiently done remotely, corporate policies, and a variety of national and regional government regulations.

Have confidence with Appian's Smart automation for a safe return and ongoing vigilance, including COVID-19 vaccination and testing insights:

  • CampusPass: Appian's CampusPass is the fastest way to coordinate a safe return of your entire academic community back to campus and maintain on-going health and safety.
  • Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS): Appian can help banks sustain SMEs through the COVID-19 crisis. Their CBILS app for lenders deploys in just days.

The benefits of using Appian's Workforce Safety:

  1. Investigatory Contact Tracing: Easily track and respond to incidents with investigatory case management, in accordance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.
  2. A Phased Return-to-Workplace: Return your people to work with a phased or rotating approach. Automate return authorizations based on geography, team, role, personal health risk, workspace capacity, or other factors.
  3. Fast and Easy Workforce Screening: Your employees use a simple web or mobile interface to submit and update personal health and risk data required by local law and corporate policy.
  4. A Unified Command Center: Improve crisis management. Manage the health and work status of all employees in real time, through one single interface.

Transform The Way You Work

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  • Energy & Utilities
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life Science
  • Retail
  • Telecom and Media
  • Transportation
  • and More

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