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When it comes to the technology infrastructure running an office, the Wi-Fi that connects everyone to the internet is one of the most vital parts.

When your internet speed is fast, your office is as well. Wireless networks typically have a great deal of flexibility, which can translate into rapid deployment.

Most companies rely on cloud solutions for at least some of their daily workflow and it’s important to be able to smoothly connect to those platforms throughout the day.

Wi-Fi access points offer multiple advantages to offices that improve their wireless network range, speed, and experience.

Wireless Networking Provides Mobility & Flexibility


Aruba Enterprise Wireless Network

Aruba access points (APs) offer maximum deployment flexibility in a wide range of wireless LAN (WLAN) environments — central and remote sites, locations with high concentrations of Wi-Fi clients, indoors and outdoors, and harsh industrial environments. Working with Multifunctional Aruba APs perform spectrum analysis to mitigate Wi-Fi interference, air monitoring to ensure wireless security, and operate as Remote APs (RAPs) or as part of a secure enterprise mesh.

With Aruba APs, you can expect fast and secure Wi-Fi connectivity for your guests and employees. Offering an affordable and reliable Wi-Fi solutions for uninterrupted connectivity to the IoT devices that run your business. Aruba AP's are also easy to deploy and manage for any small business looking to enhance their Wi-Fi Network.

Aruba's indoor and outdoor wireless access points can provide seamless support for your business connectivity, even for the harshest environments.

  • Remote Access Points: Home solution with easy deployment and management. Automatically configured so you can just plug-and-go.
  • Indoor Access Points: Aruba AP's support AI capabilities with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards for any deployment environment.
  • Outdoor Access Points: Seamless connectivity for large public venues, loading docks and pop-up sites. With Wi-Fi mesh providing point-to-point wireless options.

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Meraki Next-Generation Wi-Fi

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed wireless access points are part of a portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions built from the ground up for browser-based cloud management, providing scalable and intuitive centralized management. Meraki APs provide total visibility into your network, even usage down to the application level.

Built for performance, the new enterprise grade solutions deliver significantly faster connections, higher throughput, and greater user capacity for eliminating the latency and packet loss issues.

Addressing interference on a Wireless LAN/WAN has been increasing in complexity as more and more radios hit the airwaves. Meraki uses a dedicated 3rd radio in their access points to identify and measure both rogue APs and none Wi-Fi interference, then uses the data to coordinate channel management to avoid colliding packets.

With Meraki, it's the details that matter most with their game-changing features:

  • RF Optimization: Third radio dedicated to security and RF management with cloud-based automatic RF optimization.
  • Layer 7 Traffic Shaping: Classify hundreds of applications, prioritize productivity apps, and restrict or block recreational traffic.
  • Cloud Management: Automatic reporting, seamless firmware updates, self provisioning for rapid deployment with Network-wide visibility and control.
  • Presence Location Analytics: Compare performance across multiple locations, measure visitor trends over time, and track visitor capture rate, visit length, and more.
  • Enterprise Security: Built-in antivirus scan (NAC), real time WIPS with forensics, DNS security with advanced license with 802.1X and native active directory integrations.

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FortiAP Provides Secure & Painless Connectivity

Fortinet’s Wireless LAN equipment leverages Security-driven Networking to provide secure wireless access for the enterprise LAN edge. Perfect for deployments from the campus to the SD-Branch, FortiAPs are Fortinet Security Fabric enabled, providing the broad visibility, automated protection, and integrated threat intelligence required to protect the valuable assets and data of organizations worldwide.

FortiAP provides a secure wireless LAN access for your enterprise. Enabling simple, cost-effective wireless Network access is an ideal solution for any enterprise. With models designed for small branch offices, distributed enterprise locations, as well as high-density headquarters, FortiAPs allow you to deploy consistent security policies across both wired and wireless networks.

Fortinet offers a wide selection of FortiAP wireless access points designed to meet every use case. The wallplate series of APs offers a mount stand to convert them into simple desk mount models. Extra switched wired ports on these APs provide teleworkers with the option to directly connect multiple devices to the AP. Alternatively, standard APs are available for ceiling and wall mount.

Fortinet also offers access points that can provide security services on the AP before traffic reaches the wired network. These APs leverage threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs services to support onboard unified threat management (UTM) services.

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Cisco APs Provide Radio-Frequency Excellence

Cisco assures wireless performance and location services by finding solutions for your mobility and wireless needs. The Cisco Catalyst access points offer intelligence, resiliency, integrated security, and the benefits of the new, high-efficiency Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) standard. Not only that, but these access points are ready for growing user expectations, IoT devices, and next-generation cloud driven applications. Whether your network is large, medium, or small, Cisco has a Wi-Fi 6/6E access point ready to take care of your future needs.

With increased mobility and a proliferation of IoT devices on your network, both inside and outside, expectations for security and speed have never been higher. Cisco strives to exceed the wireless standard and provide radio-frequency excellence with their features and benefits:

  • Security: Cisco uses intelligence to detect encrypted threats before passing the front gate of your organization.
  • Reliability Beyond the Standard: Superior connectivity with integrated security that always works for you.
  • Built for IoT: Easily monitor and manage Wi-Fi tags, beacons, and other Internet of Things by using a cloud dashboard.
  • Access Networking: Simplify, automate, and secure your enterprise Network. experience.
  • Cisco DNA Spaces: Use intelligence in your Network to learn how visitors behave on site.
  • Cisco Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax): The next Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6, building on the success of 802.11ac.
  • Cloud Managed Wireless: Power and improve your business experience with Cisco Wi-Fi 6 certified technology.
  • Network Analytics: Deliver an experience with Cisco's advanced AI-enabled analytics.

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